Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Homemade Mozzarella Cheese

Oh My Goodness! I made homemade mozzarella cheese this evening and it was so easy! Had I known how easy it would be I would have made it along time ago. There are several websites that give the directions on how to make it, but I used Eat. Drink…Better’s instructions. I did not see the measurement for salt in the recipe so I just eye-balled it…probably less than ½ tsp. There are two items that you probably don’t have in your cabinet…citric acid and rennet, however, I found them easily at Whole Foods Market. If your store doesn’t carry the products both of them can be found via the internet.

Anyway…Here’s a quick rundown of the pictures.

1. Citric acid and the rennet.

2. What the milk looks like when the curds separate from the whey (the whey is the almost clear liquid underneath the white curds).

3. The curds and a small bit of whey after I scooped them out of the pot.

4. Curds after the first kneading.

5. The finished, shaped mozzarella balls.

Making homemade cheese was an awesome experience and has fueled my desire to try more projects that were everyday practices for my ancestors. Cheese made at home…in 2010…who would have thought!?




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