Friday, November 12, 2010

Egyptian Cotton Pillowcase Dress with Embroidery

This is a pillowcase dress that I made for my niece...literally, out of a pillowcase.  I cut off the top, folled it in half and cut out the arm holes, then I made a casing wide enough to accomodate the ribbon and embroidered the bottom of the pillowcase with her name and a stylized butterfly.  I also made bloomers to match from the top portion that I cut off.

This is one of the easiest dresses I have ever made.  It took me longer to make the bloomers than the dress.  A nice outfit that can go from dress to a shirt as the child gets older and can even be passed down if one uses timeless embroidery (i.e. no name).

Please excuse the wrinkles.  She was playing for more than an hour before the picture was taken.

Thanks for looking!

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