Saturday, June 27, 2015

Spicy Tomato Soup (In my DASH blender!)


It's been a while since I've made a post...sorry! While I have the best of intentions life tends to get in the way. Anyhoo, while outside today I noticed that I had several red tomatoes that needed to be picked and when I came inside of the house realized that my cherry tomatoes needed picking as well (I guess I have been out of it lately)! Since the tomatoes were a bit over-ripe I decided to try out my blender's soup making capabilities.

I originally bought my blender as an alternative to the $500 blenders out there and was pleasantly surprised with the results. While my blender wasn't cheap it was still less than half the cost of the more expensive ones because it was on sale. I got it from HSN because they were running a special on it ($199) instead of paying $400 for it at the local department store in my area. The name of the blender is DASH. You can find more about it by going here. It looks like they are out of stock on their website but HSN seems to always have them in stock.

Anyhoo. I just added some chicken broth at the bottom for more flavor (you actually don't have to add any liquid), tomato, parsley, chives and basil from the garden and a vidalia onion, Ms. Dash onion and herbs, seasoned salt and pepper (from the grocery store). I turned the blender's dial to "soup", pressed start and used the tamper to get things going. Once the blender started doing its thing I put the lid cap in place and walked away until I heard it stop.

When I opened the lid the soup was smoking hot!

I added a little cream and shredded cheese and voila - hot, fresh, soup!

I know many of us are trying to be healthier...I'd love to hear how you are using fresh ingredients and methods of cooking to give your family meals that are good to them and good for them.

Oh and if you are interested here is the YouTube video of the blender in action.





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